Movable Ankle Support

SoftGuards Movable Ankle Support stabilizes ankle to avoid left-right movement. Front-across oblique straps protect ankle ligaments from tearing or overstretching. Ankle hinge provides feet better movement with limited angles. Lightweight design provides more comfortable support. Snap-design for user to adjust the proper size to fit different needs. Curved-sole design fits the arch of feet.

Movable Ankle Support

  • Plastic shell provides better support and covering.
  • Lightweight design.
  • 3-stage width for adjustment of calf.
  • Thinner shell design can be worn in shoe.
  • Side straps increase support and stability.
  • Available for left or right foot.
Material Composition
  • 80% Nylon
  • 18% PU foam
  • 2% Glass Fiber
Size Chart
Ankle circumference 7.25’’~10’’ 18~25 cm
S 24.5~27.5 cm
M 27.5~30 cm
L 30 cm up