Economic Arm Sling

SoftGuards Economic Arm Sling is ideal for stabilization and support injured arm. Breathable materials are applied on sling pouch for more comfort while long wearing. The serrated slide buckle, which is on the strap, is easy for adjustment and securing arm in right posture. The serrated shape of slide buckle is able to raise the fixation of the strap and avoid movement.

Economic Arm Sling

  • Breathable materials
  • Serrated slide buckle for easy adjustment of hand position
  • Ideal for stabilization & support of upper extremity
Material Composition
  • 65% Polyester
  • 30% Cotton
  • 5% Steel
Size Chart
XS 5 1/2’’~7 1/2’’ 14~19 cm
S 7’’~10’’ 18~25 cm
M 10’’~13’’ 25~33 cm
L 13’’~16’’ 33~41 cm
XL 16’’~19’’ 41~48 cm