Guards Your Body Softly

SoftGuards offers high-quality products of rehabilitation, orthopedics and sport which protect and support your life carefully.

With more than 25-year experience, SoftGuards is profession in developing and innovating products related to rehabilitation, orthopedics and sport for better user experience, and we have been concentrating on producing comfortable, professional and affordable products.

We have a belief that “The better environment makes life better”. As guardian of your life, SoftGuards not only protects your body, but also protects the environment we live.

Product Category

With more than 20-year experience in orthopedic & rehabilitation field, Softguards provides professional medical supports related to orthopedics & rehabilitation, especially for post-surgery and recovery.

Softguards applies and combines medical knowledge with athlete support, and forms extra support & protection for athletes while doing exercise, which could effectively reduce the possibility of injury.

Softguards with medical knowledge is able to professionally provide medical supplies, such as personal protective equipment, medical devices & consumables, to protect & guard personal health.

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